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Antarctica the movie

Because Antarctica is so far away, very few people will visit. However, the scenery offered by Antarctica is breathtaking and more people should get to experience this from a distance. Because of this, new Hollywood films want to begin shooting in Antarctica.


You are a big Hollywood director and your assistant has just visited Antarctica and photographed the images at the bottom of the page. It is now your job to design a film based on one of these photos.

  1. Choose a photograph from below which you think you can make a film from e.g. the first photo with the penguins can be about a lost penguin, or the third photo could be about a shipwreck off the coast of Antarctica.
  2. Decide what characters would be involved?
  3. How are you going to describe Antarctica in the film? You must include three facts about Antarctica in the main plot for it to become a top blockbuster!
  4. In pairs, create a 2-minute trailer for your film using either iMovie for iPad, Movie Maker for Windows or InShot for Android. Upload images of Antarctica, including text, and add effects. The aim of your trailer should be to highlight awe and wonder in Antarctica. 

You can use the location form for some extra guidance, and some more photos to choose from to help plan the next sell out movie!