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Acting responsibly

People who visit Antarctica become spellbound by the experience and often want to protect the fragile beauty they have seen.

Watch and learn

The following three-minute briefing films (from highlight actions all visitors must take to make their visit safe and environmentally responsible in order to safeguard Antarctica for future generations.

  • Going Ashore for visitors travelling on ships or yachts who will make landings in Antarctica and surrounding islands;
  • Cruise Visitors for those experiencing the wonders of Antarctica from a ship that does not include landings in its itinerary;
  • Deep Field and Fly-In Visitors for those flying either into the interior of the Antarctic continent or to a location on the Antarctic Peninsula where they will immediately board a ship for further exploration of the Peninsula area and surrounding islands.


Top tips for visiting Antarctica

Many people who return from a visit to Antarctica comment that it has made them want to support the ongoing protection of the fragile Antarctic environment. Nevertheless, environmental groups are concerned that tourists could damage this frozen wilderness.

What do you think?

  • Think about some of the possible benefits and look back at the potential impacts of tourism.
  • Think about a slogan to grab their attention. 
  • Give visitors some top tips on how they should behave when they reach Antarctica.
  • Use the pdf template to help you design a graphic novel guide to give advice to people planning a holiday there, or design a poster giving visitors advice about how they should behave whilst there.
  • Choose images from the site or elsewhere to help illustrate your ideas. 
Abseiling inside a crevasse. © British Antarctic Survey, Richard Burt
A winter trip to the Hinge Zone, Brunt Ice shelf. © British Antarctic Survey, Kirk Watson
Tourists viewing sculpted ice. © ravas51
Photographing the penguins. ©, Armin Rose
A seal pops out of the water. © shutterstock / czb
Penguins only beyond this point. © Liam Quinn