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A trip of a lifetime

There are many holiday companies who offer tours of Antarctica. Tourists can go by cruise, take their own boat, be air-dropped in and air-lifted out or simply fly overhead!

Helicopter on the landing pad of a cruise ship. © Joseph Sohm /
Big cruise ship in Antarctic waters. © Volodymyr Goinyk /


Plan a trip to Antarctica of up to two weeks for either:

  • Elsie Green, recently retired, who has always dreamed of visiting Antarctica
  • Jon Napster, an 18 year old who enjoys adventure – a keen mountain climber
Elsie Green – a retired tourist. ©
Elsie Green – a retired tourist
Jon Napster – an 18 year old tourist. ©
Jon Napster – an 18 year old tourist

Use this form to plan their trip…

How will they travel there?

Where will they go?

Where will they stay?

What will they see and do?

How much will it cost?

What else will they need to buy before they go?



  • Compare your holiday plans. Who found the most exciting trip… and which one is the best value?