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Working together

Antarctica has been a beacon of co-operation between countries, who have worked together to preserve and explore responsibly a pristine and fragile environment.


How have people from different countries worked together in Antarctica?

  • Download and read ‘Breaking the ice’
  • How might greater international co-operation like this help in solving one of these global problems:
  • the war against terror
  • human rights abuses
  • global warming
  • Why do you think countries are more reluctant to work together on these issues than they have in Antarctica?

A Treaty for School

  • Draw up a draft treaty for your school. Write down ten rules that you think everybody should stick to, to ensure the school is fair in meeting the needs of everyone and cares for everyone and the school environment. Think about safety, security, care for buildings and classrooms, and how you would make your rules enforceable and lasting.
  • Show your treaty to other members of your class – would they sign it?
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