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Be a media critic

Once you’ve made your film trailer for Antarctica: The Movie, it’s time to consider a soundtrack. 


Join up with three other pairs to make a group of eight.

Imagine you are film critics for a national newspaper. Together, review each other’s trailers! 

  1. Is it clear what type of audience the movie is aimed at? 
  2. What key words did the moviemakers use to hook their audience? 
  3. Is there a soundtrack for the trailer and was it a good choice?  
  4. For the 1948 film Scott of the Antarctic, Vaughan Williams composed symphony No. 7 titled Sinfonia Antarctica. Listen to the first 2-minutes of the score with your eyes closed. Does the music evoke a sense of place?  
  5. Overall, does the trailer make you want to go to the movie?  
  6. As a group, vote for the movie that has the best chance of being a big hit at the box office, and discuss why!