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Teachers’ notes | Living there today

Learning objectives:

  • To empathise with people living and working in Antarctica
  • To develop an awareness of the health risks of living and working in Antarctica
  • To use imagination and collaborate as a group to plan for the future
  • To practise use of persuasive language

The download, Living and working in Antarctica, would be useful in helping students complete any of the activities in this section.

Keeping healthy

This is a sorting activity to highlight the key health risks and their treatment and prevention in Antarctica. Download, print and cut out the information as cards.

Generation Next

This is potentially a much more extensive activity that requires students to use their imagination in planning/designing a new Antarctic research station. Students could draw up plans, diagrams and even models to illustrate their ideas, much like an architect. Perhaps the plans could be judged by an outside panel of ‘experts’!

Job of a Lifetime

This Meltdown activity encourages the use of persuasive language to put together a successful job application, using the online application form. The Writing Home activity is a more straightforward alternative – the postcard template can be used online or printed out, perhaps to complete as a homework task. Hopefully these activities will help students think more deeply about what it is like to live and work in Antarctica today.