Guess the Gadget

Technology plays a big part in Antarctic science. Can you figure out what this latest piece of essential equipment is used for?

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Ecosystems and foodwebs

Who’s eating who?

See if you can complete the Antarctic Food web diagram, and find out about some of the animals in Antarctica and how they fit into the food chain.

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Who’s looking at you?

You have to be tough to survive in Antarctica. Here we take a look at some of the animals and how they adapt and act in order to survive

Whos looking at you

Science and exploration

Importance of Polar Science

Polar science, In Antarctica and also in the Arctic, has many areas of research - which do you think are most important?

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Race to the Pole

Practice using longitude and latitude to find out about 12 key events in Antarctica's discovery and exploration.

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Bases for understanding

Use an interactive satellite map of Antarctica to locate, view and find out about Antarctic heritage sites and current research bases and stations.

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Polar Extremes

Why is one of the poles colder than the other? Study the information and work out the reasons.

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Collect data about the ocean

Dive in the icy waters off the Antarctic Peninsula with an experienced marine biologist and diver. Collect and analyze your Antarctic data.


Collect data about the air

An experienced climatologist talks you through the process of instrument calibration, filling the balloon and finally launching it into the southern sky.

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Spot the difference

Antarctica has lots in common with the Arctic, but also many differences. In this quiz, can you tell which facts belong to which poles

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Antarctic Timeline

Slide the Antarctica timeline and click on the hotspots for information, pictures and video about Antarctic expeditions and events from Cook crossing the Antarctic circle in 1772 to the present day

Prepare to travel south

Before you can travel to Rothera Research Station in Antarctica, you have a lot of preparing to do! Find out about it here

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Travel south

It's a long journey from the UK to Rothera Research Station in Antarctica. Take the trip and find out about some of the stops along the way

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What not to wear

Modern technology has made clothing developed for the extreme cold very effective. Can you dress the scientist, ready for some Antarctic science, and put the clothes on in the right order

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How is Antarctica governed?

Introducing Antarctica

Sizing up Antarctica

How big is Antarctica? Use this activity to help you work out the answer. Then compare the size of Antarctica to that of the other continents. Finally, find out how time of day is decided on Antarctica, where sunrise and sunset can take a very long time to come around!

Sizing up Antarctica - activity screenshot

Going Back in Time

This animated map travels back from the present day, 180 million years to the time of Gondwanaland, showing how the continents have changed shape and position.


Being There

How does it actually feel to be in Antarctica? Use photos and adjectives to record, share and compare your feelings.

Being there - activity screenshot

Wilderness Challenge

What do you know about Antarctica already? Answer the ten questions of the Wilderness Challenge to find out!

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Oceans, atmosphere, landscape

Seasonal change

Antarctica expands and contracts with the seasons - in fact it is the biggest seasonal change on earth. Can you work out just how big the change is?

Seasonal change - activity screenshot

Rising seas

Investigate some of the areas of the world that could be most affected by rising sea levels.

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How much do you know about glaciers? Here's a short interactive quiz to help you find out

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Exploring ice

Find out about the many different ways scientists have been exploring remote Pine Island Glacier

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Avoiding footprints

See how tourism is affecting Antarctica. How do we minimalise the damage caused by Antarctic tourism?

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