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1240 x 826 (roughly 3 x 2)


Star tracking device

Scientist, Antarctica UVIZ technology instrumentation, Ozone

UVIZ – was designed to automatically track stars in winter, observing their spectra to measure ozone in the Earth’s atmosphere (the alternative Dobson uses the full Moon to measure ozone in the winter dark). Here, the motor and gearbox which control the elevation of the tracking mirror is being replaced. No longer at Halley.

Geophysics on West Antarctic ice sheet

Geophysical reconnaissance of Subglacial Lake Ellsworth. Setting off a seismic shot to measure the water depth in the lake. A 4-man party spent 3 months camped on the plateau of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet conducting a geophysical reconnaissance of Subglacial Lake Ellsworth (SLE). SLE is a lake the size of Windermere trapped in a bed hollow beneath 3 km of ice. It has been identified as a suitable target for further exploration, including drilling through the ice and into the lake to investigate isolated life forms and ice sheet history. The geophysical exploration in 2007/08 mapped the lake surface and bed, tracked the ice motion as it flows over the lake, and made measurements of snow temperature, accumulation and density.
West Antarctic Ice Sheet – Lake Ellsworth